• Certeco Ltd. for Business-Security Consulting and Expertise is a company established to provide services of collecting, elaborating, analyzing, distributing and utilizing data related to business processes in a planned and systematic manner. The activities undertaken result in relevant "business-security" reports and provide for additional business knowledge and support to the company's management when it comes to planning and managing processes as well as decision-making at strategic and operational levels.
  • The purpose of the mentioned activities is to improve the security level of companies in terms of asset and personal protection, optimizing business processes and reducing costs that arise from the exposure of business systems to adverse events which, due to the inability of the system to detect and prevent them, unnecessarily increase the cost of doing business.
  • Highly qualified experts from Certeco Ltd. have long-standing police experience in dealing with the prevention, control, suppression and detection of all types of crime. We, together with our business associates and a network of experienced police, intelligence and security professionals at home and abroad, provide services in a secure, legitimate, professional, independent, discrete and highly efficient manner. We are particularly skilled in identifying new forms of illicit activities and harmful events as well as developing preventive measures and undertaking appropriate actions in order to prevent those from happening.
  • Our loyalty and accountability toward clients are ensured by top-level police professionals with decades of experience in the implementation of constitutional rights and the legal framework as well as in serving the society through the rule of law. Upon your request, we will provide you with true information and evidence-based findings. Our motto is: "Engage us and find out all you need to know, not just what you might want." Our reports contain specific recommendations as a reflection of the collected and analyzed information.